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sant guguel transleitor mos agarre confessats

A Reader’s Guide for Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Questions and Topics for Discussion
1. Do you like Nick or Amy? Did you find yourself picking a side? Do you think the author intends for us to like them? Why or why not? 
2. Does the author intend for us to think of Nick or Amy as the stronger writer? Do you 
perceive one or the other as a stronger writer, based on their narration/journal entries? 
 3. Do you think Amy and Nick both believe in their marriage at the outset? 
4. Nick, ever conscious of the way he is being perceived, reflects on the images that people choose to portray in the world—constructed, sometimes plagiarized roles that we present as our personalities. Discuss the ways in which the characters—and their opinions of each other—are influenced by our culture’s avid consumption of TV shows, movies, and websites, and our need to fit each other into these roles. 
5. Discuss Amy’s false diary, both as a narrative strategy by the author and as a device used by the character. How does the author use it to best effect? How does Amy use it?
6. What do you make of Nick’s seeming paranoia on the day of his fifth anniversary, when he wakes with a start and reports feeling, You have been seen?...

...i així fins a vint qüestions. Aquí trobareu la resta.

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